• Animal Pink Front face mask
  • Fish Front face mask
  • Polka yellow Front face mask

Why kids’ face masks?

When Olla puts on her creative hat on, there’s nothing to stop her!

Unlike adults, kids have more difficulty in understanding why they need to wear a mask and a cute design can make the whole difference.

She has been creating these kids’ face masks individually by hand, whilst Anto helped her tracing and cutting the shapes…


So far she hand-stitched only a handful with the intention to donate them. We quickly found out however that little to no recognition was given to this effort and only political gain was achieved by the associations managing the donations.

We have therefore decided to sell the masks independently and donating all the proceeds to a charity of choice.

Remember, all proceeds go to charity, so, please help us sell out and help those in needs during these difficult times.

What is available?

There are mainly face masks for kids aged 7 and below. But we are in the process of stitching new masks for kids aged 7 and 12, for young adults and adults.

As the masks will need to be worked all day at school and offices, we are also preparing some accessories, so that the rubber band is out of your way and behind your head.

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