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We travel around the world…

Meet us and welcome to ollanto!

We bought a Round The World (RTW)* ticket and we took off our for our travel dreams! Follow our journey as we unveil travel tips and share our experiences, photos, videos, rants, etc…

Get to know olla and anto a bit better:

Anto in Fiji
Anto in Fiji


There are simply too many places in the world that should be visited at least once in everyone’s lifetime. As per tradition, the normal course of action of most people is similar. Get a job, get a husband/wife, buy a car, buy a house, procreate, and you know the rest.

But let me tell you the rest; after this, to make it short, you have little to no time for yourself, you dedicate the rest of your life to your children and in no time they will look after you until you pass away. A lot of people would say that this is comfortable and that it suits them.

Others may think it sounds tragic and others have completely different experiences. I believe the top part fits most people in the world and I know it may not always be like this. But…

I want to see the WORLD, I want to experience other cultures, I want to witness traditions that are far from mine. I wish to do it whilst I have the strengths and the active curiosity to go out there and explore.

Now it’s the right time, now it’s when the commitments are still manageable. Somehow, I feel that it is now or never.

I managed to convince Ada and she is onboard 🙂

After the trip we will join the rest, we will dedicate our lives to little Antonios hahaha!

But for the next few months we are one the road, we are citizen of the WORLD, and will be on a roll.

The normal bits: anto in normal life has 10 years of experience in finance, managing a finance department, performing financial analysis etc. He is Italian, have lived in Slovakia, the UK and for the past 7 years in Singapore.

Olla rides a motorcyle in Nicaragua
Olla rides a motorcyle in Nicaragua


Life is as interesting as it is depending on what you do with it and what are the choices you have made while growing up.

Very often, there is always a point where you have to make “big choices”. It is more than the usual truism to say that we only have one life and we have to live it to the fullest.

Being in the corporate world for more than 10 years, facing the computer, writing reports, doing presentations, reporting to work punctually, knock off late, and it repeats. Is this the life we want till the day we step into our graves?

This is the “big choice” now. It’s now or never.
I have chosen NOW to travel the world with my amore, anto.

You can follow us as we embark on this journey.

We are not professional travellers, bloggers or photographers. But, we present to you the real life images we see through our lenses and directly to you. No gimmicks, no photoshop and hard-selling. We hope you can be better prepared and travel smarter based on our encounters.

The normal bits: olla in normal life has 10 years of experience in the construction industry, which is a predominantly a male’s dominated industry.

Why Are We Here

Well, we simply want to share our experiences via our own lenses and our own thoughts. Based on our experiences, we hope to be able to share useful information. We hope to help readers to be better prepared and travel smarter. Read our stories here.

A lot of bloggers start because of money. They try to do it to see if they can travel the world and earn at the same time. This is not our objective. In complete honesty, English is not our first language and our writing may not be top notch, but we are still trying.

Anto however has a side objective that he is trying to achieve. In 2018 social media engagement, a presence online and online marketing in general is super important. Having been only on the finance side of the fence, there is a ton to learn. The objective is to build this site from scratch, learning about hosting, site building etc. Producing content that is engaging, posting online, instagram, facebook, you name it. The learning curve is steep.

This time traveling is therefore also a time to learn about all sides of blogging. Being online, social media engagement and somewhat a self-given homework exercise. If successful, the result is going to be able to generate some revenue. The objective would be completed once the at least one dollar is generated via the site build up 🙂

Keep following our content and watch us having fun, traveling around the world.

A short video of our travel silliness 🙂

*RTW stands for Round the World. There are 3 ways to purchase a RTW ticket and we wrote an article about it here. In short though a RTW ticket is an open ended airline pass that allows you to travel eastward or westward (with some restrictions) for up to one year.

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