Nicaragua Nicaragua - Ometepe

Nicaragua – Isla de Ometepe

Ometepe is something else.

Ometepe is a relatively small island in the middle of Nicaragua’s lake. Viewed from above it makes an 8 shape which is basically taking the contours of the two volcanoes that make up the island.

Map of Ometepe

Visiting this place has been an incredible experience. I mean, how often are you on a peaceful island in between two volcanoes, (one of which is active by the way), and surrounded by a huge lake? Not often!

We rented a motorcycle in Granada and we made our way to the Ometepe island via the well connected and safe-enough road. The road somewhat follows the lakeside which is without exaggeration huge and it creates winds that are strong and constant. The winds were perhaps the main worry I had whilst riding on the motorway, but it wasn’t too bad and we reached in 1.5 hours, volcanoes and sceneries on our left hand side 😉

On the way to Ometepe by Motorcycle

You can only reach the island with a ferry and the crossing took around 1.5 hours. If the boat is not crowded it can be a comfortable ride, but definitely choppy due to the winds.

Upon arrival we zip away with our bike and leave the main ferry town immediately. The town is nothing much than a village but it has ATMs, restaurants, hostels, petrol stations etc. We were set and took off exploring without the need to be there at all and immediately we were riding in the tranquility of farms and slow moving island life.

What impressed me the most of this place and why I am having such a nice memory of it is because of it’s tranquillity.
There are countless spots right by the lakeside and locals have set up their resorts, hotels, cabanas right there for visitors and themselves to enjoy. Grab a book, pick a hammock, forget your flip flops and take the views in.

Enjoying the breeze by the lakeside

At any time there will be some beautifully looking bird passing by and stopping at the trees near you.

If you are adventurous, you can hike the active volcano, if you just want to take a swim, you can simply jump in the lake, if you want to go for a horse-back ride you can get that sorted out, hike, cycle, run, you can do all of that here and you will surely be impressed with the amazing spots there are to discover and enjoy nature at its best.

How to get there:
Reaching the island is only possible via ferry. Motorcycles cars and trucks join the same ferry as the passengers, but there are smaller boats that take passengers only. From San Jorge the ferries are frequent and schedules should be found here.
We rode a motorcycle, hence we needed to pay for that too.
At the port we firstly asked to pay a government tax to access the harbour area, which was C31 per person. After this there is a booth to purchase the ferry tickets, which costed C50 per person. The cost for the motorcycle C74 (approximately USD6 at the time of writing this post).